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The only black tie inspiration we need for the upcoming season 👊https://buff.ly/2H7xWET

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The best flannel shirts for autumn/winter: https://buff.ly/2MChL95

Image: @iamgalla

The Best American Watch Brands

We run down the watchmakers restoring Uncle Sam to its former horological glory

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The definitive Oxford shoes guide for men: https://buff.ly/2CP9Npo

Everything You Need To Know About Dressing Well In Your 30s

Because in a lot of ways, this is the hardest decade to get right

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40 of the best men's long hairstyles: https://buff.ly/2QrCDi6

7 Experts That Will Make You Look Better

The style and well-being gurus every man needs in their life

This May Be The Best-Value Diving Watch Ever Made

Go deep with Seiko’s unbelievably affordable SKX007

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How to do off-duty dressing this autumn/winter: https://buff.ly/2MjARwt

The Best Way To Avoid Catching Germs At The Gym

Because apparently, it's not as healthy as we've been led to believe

Transport us to #Portofino please. Who else is in?

How To Wear The Men’s Logo Fashion Trend

Rep your favourite brands without looking like an F1 driver

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The design classics every man should own: https://buff.ly/2JwjwPv

9 Timeless Summer Looks From Men’s Style Icons

Beat the heat with lessons from some of the best-dressed men in history

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20 of the best widow's peak hairstyles for men: https://buff.ly/2M5LWWs

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Every occasion for autumn/winter – Windsor has you covered: https://buff.ly/2xcmjJk

Has David Beckham Really Had Botox? We Asked The Experts

He denies it. What do the pros think?

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The complete guide to Savile Row: https://buff.ly/2QpxZBp

What Makes A Watch Good Value For Money?

Get more horological bang for your buck by looking for the right features at every price point

8 Of The Best Luxury Fragrances For Men

What billionaires smell like (probably)

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How to match your shoe colour to your trousers: https://buff.ly/2QmJ32d

Image: H&M

9 Future Menswear Classics To Try This Summer

Cover all your warm-weather bases with our new-season hit list

Why Heritage Menswear Is The Trend That Will Never Be Uncool

How to do the refined but rugged Peaky Blinders look without straying into fancy dress

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How to get an inch-perfect side parting: https://buff.ly/2JRnVN1

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The new rules of formal attire: https://buff.ly/2x0aqXR

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The best medium-length hairstyles for men: https://buff.ly/2A0mr3w

How To Wear Skate Clothes (And Not Look Like A Fool)

Skate style has stepped off its board and entered the mainstream

Why Am I Losing My Beard Hair?

Your style conundrums solved. This week: a disappearing beard

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How to dress like the ultimate gentleman this autumn/winter: https://buff.ly/2x3VQi8

The Sexiest Jobs Ever, According To Tinder Users

Time for a career change?

10 Stylish Ways To Nail The Men’s 1970s Look

The forgotten decade of menswear is back. This is how you wear it without looking "groovy"

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The rules for matching your trainers to your outfit: https://buff.ly/2Mnhh2k

Image: @iamgalla

The Complete Guide To Men’s Workwear

This should be your key look for autumn

How To Take Better Instagram Photos

Big on style, short on followers? You need our snapping style guide

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Why the v-neck sweater is fashionable again (no, really): https://buff.ly/2xaiIM4

Image: J.Crew

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8 ways to dress better this autumn/winter: https://buff.ly/2CNs9XK

The Complete Guide To Bespoke Suits

Everything you need to know about the sartorial gold standard

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The new rules of double denim: https://buff.ly/2ArkE7H

16 Style Epiphanies Every Man Goes Through

Consider it sartorial puberty

How To Not Look Boring At Work

Dress for the job you have. Just, you know, better

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Autumnal dressing done right 👌 https://buff.ly/2H7xWET

7 Steps To Keep Your Holiday Tan For Longer

Getting one is easy. Holding on to it? Not so much

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Go-to smart-casual summer outfit combinations: https://buff.ly/2OiMHsE

How To Lose Your Belly Without Running

Cardio sucks. But you don’t need to train through gritted teeth to burn off your soft bits. Here's how to work smarter, to get harder, from the discomfort of your own home

8 Modern Short Styles To Wear For The Last Days Of Summer

Your shortcut to sweat-free knees

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Why the 1950s is the most stylish decade right now: https://buff.ly/2CLQNb5

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37 of the best curly hairstyles for men: https://buff.ly/2L650Uc

How To Get A Tattoo You Won’t Regret Forever

Skin ink is trending. But that doesn't mean it's a trend

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The ultimate guide to the peacoat: https://buff.ly/2Mp0dsT

Image: @iamgalla

How To Tie A Half Windsor Knot, With A Perfect Dimple Every Time

If you only learn one more tie knot, this should be the one